OCC in the Spotlight: Our Algal Bioreactors Project with Cardiff Council Featured in the Press

Nov 27 / Editor

Exciting News for Green Innovation!

We at OCC are thrilled to share some fantastic news with our community and supporters. We have recently gained national recognition, featured in the press for our groundbreaking project that is revolutionising green technology in education: the introduction of Algal Bioreactors, also known as "liquid trees", in schools across Cardiff.

Cardiff Leads the Way:

Cardiff has become the first UK authority to offer Algal Bioreactors to all its schools. This initiative is a cornerstone of the One Planet Cardiff education offer, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and environmental education.

What Are Algal Bioreactors?

Algal Bioreactors, or liquid trees, are an innovative solution to urban air pollution and carbon capture. They are compact, require minimal maintenance, and are fascinating to manage. Their most striking feature is their ability to capture carbon dioxide – at a rate up to 400 times faster than traditional trees under optimum conditions. It's like having the benefits of a 10-year-old oak tree in each classroom, without any leaf litter!

Educational and Environmental Impact:

This project is not just about carbon capture; it's a fantastic educational tool as well. It allows students to witness and understand the process of photosynthesis and carbon sequestration firsthand. The hands-on experience with these bioreactors will foster a deeper connection with nature and a better understanding of environmental issues among students.

Acknowledging the Press:

We cannot overstate our gratitude to the press for featuring our project. Their support has been instrumental in propelling the One Planet Cardiff Concept (OCC) movement forward. By highlighting our initiative, they are helping to spread awareness about sustainable living and the importance of innovative environmental solutions.