Clean Air Day: Our Classroom Climate Strike Deal With Air Quality Monitor Provider, Nooku


June 15th marks Clean Air Day, an annual event designed to focus public and political attention on the problem of air pollution in the United Kingdom.
While being the nation’s focus for the day, clean air is a subject that UK education provider, Our Classroom Climate, promotes day in, day out.

Today, OCC has announced details of a new partnership with nooku, appointing the business to supply air quality monitors to its partner schools across the country. Nooku develops revolutionising indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring systems with its innovative and predictive technology. By empowering people to visualise, understand and improve their environment, Nooku is driving better respiratory health for all.

What is Our Classroom Climate?

Our Classroom Climate is a climate education programme for Primary age pupils, which fully supports the English national curriculum. It is also marketed as the perfect companion programme to the DfE’s sustainability and climate change strategy.

The programme includes downloadable digital lessons, a climate measuring device and dashboard to record results and a science kit with over 80 experiments (including a DIY algae bioreactor for carbon capture), which students can safely use under the supervision of their teacher.

A Positive Partnership 

By providing nooku air quality monitors, children will be able to visualise the air quality within the classroom in a fun and engaging way. Nooku will work closely with Our Climate classroom to produce live air quality data that allow schools to share their climate dashboards with any other schools. Ultimately, this will create a network of climate-aware schools and pupils across Ireland, the UK and the world.

"Educating and engaging young people has been our core principle from the beginning. We’re delighted to be partnering with Our Classroom Climate to raise awareness of the health and environmental impacts of poor indoor air quality within schools. We felt there was a great alignment from our first meeting and looking forward to working together to empower children to improve their local climate ” said Nooku Co-founder, Danny Kane.