Bee1 Launches UK’s First Climate Change Education Programme

Bee1, a Welsh-based bee business which offers CSR and environmental education solutions, has now launched the UK’s first climate change education programme, which includes an air quality audit element.

Developed with the help of Cardiff University, leading education specialists and scientists, Our Classroom Climate is partnering with schools across the UK, having gathered significant momentum during its initial weeks in business.

Aimed at Primary level schools, the programme is made up of downloadable digital lessons and experiments, all of which teach children about the environment and how to make positive change.Lessons include capturing carbon and cleaning the air in classrooms. The children are taught how to weigh the carbon they’ve captured to see how clean their classroom air has become.

This is just one example of the activities and adventures children can embark on.When enrolling on the programme, schools are provided with a hand-held device for measuring their local climate. They also receive a school dashboard where teachers can monitor their classroom climate.The first schools on the programme are all situated in London

“We are thrilled to have our first schools enrolled on the programme. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fora for making this possible via their latest sponsorship. It’s great to have the support of businesses that share our ambitions and passion for environmental change.”comments Mark Douglas, Founder of Our Classroom Climate.

Our Classroom Climate is now looking at onboarding 100x Cardiff-based school and has formed partnerships with several NPT schools already.

The details of these partnerships are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

“The programme is gaining great interest which is a testament to the years of research and development we have invested in. We are now planning a large-scale roadshow to make contact with over 3000 schools through the UK. Our aim is to have every UK primary school as part of the Our Classroom Climate community”.

Founding Executive Director & Associate-Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the National Institute of Teaching & Education, Professor Geraint Jones, comments:

“At the National Institute of Teaching and Education, we believe that the knowledge of the impact of climate change and the understanding of how we can protect our planet should sit at the very heart of school curricula. Teachers, therefore, need programmes like Our Classroom Climate to engage their pupils in changing the world’s attitude to protecting our environment”.