Welcome to Our Classroom Climate

Climate change education for schools

Our Classroom Climate is a climate change education programme for Primary age pupils, fully supporting the national curriculum across UK and Ireland and is the perfect companion programme to the DfE’s sustainability & climate change strategy.
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This teacher led programme joins up the dots for pupils on the science of climate change:  extreme weather, rising sea levels, bio-diversity, the greenhouse effect, temperature, the carbon cycle,  the water cycle, humidity, pollutants, and our human impact since the industrial revolution.

There are 4 Modules with 24 Lessons comprising 11 core experiments and almost 100 activity ideas.  Each Lesson is fully interactive (whiteboard, PC or tablet) with a video or main activity that can be used as part of a  sequence or as a standalone resource, a prompt for discussion, a lesson starter, an independent extension, a consolidation activity or as a homework task.

Pupils will learn new information, conduct tests, experiments or investigations and record, compare and discuss their results. Oh and did we mention that we’ll be cleaning the air in the classroom using space station science as well?

So, why not join Terra, Luma and Al on a journey to create a better, greener world one classroom at a time!

Everything you need to get started,
all in one place

Interactive Lessons

Teacher guides with flexible learning units, interactive activities, animations and knowledge checks.


All the equipment you need for experiments including centrifuge, scales, protective glasses, infra-red torch and much more!

Space Station Science

Set up, run and clean the air directly in the classroom with an algal bioreactor.

Climate Monitor

Understand, measure and improve air quality within your classroom and compare your results with other schools.


The Demo

Try out the first 3 interactive lessons of the Carbon Dioxide module for free.

  • 3 lessons on Carbon Dioxide
  • Teacher Guide

The Full Package*

You will recieve everything you need to start cleaning and monitoring the air in the classroom, along with the interactive lessons and resources.
  • Science Box
  • Climate Monitor
  • 2 x Algal Bioreactor Starter Kits
  • 12 Months Access to Interactive Lessons

School Groups

Please get in touch for a bespoke price if you would like to purchase OCC for multiple schools.

*There is an on ongoing  annual subscription of £195 per year for continued access to the entire platform and including all new materials, activities and experiments as they are released.

At the National Institute of Teaching and Education, we believe that the knowledge of the impact of climate change and the understanding of how we can protect our planet should sit at the very heart of school curricula. Teachers, therefore, need programmes like Our Classroom Climate to engage their pupils in changing the world’s attitude to protecting our environment.
Professor Geraint Jones
Founding Executive Director & Associate-Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the National Institute of Teaching & Education